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Looking at SIA dissertations and coursework: Essays (MACA)

How to search for and access dissertations in the SIA London library.



The library holds some past essays by MACA students. We keep those which received distinctions.

List of Critical Debates essays (2017 onwards)

List of Perspectives essays (2016 onwards)

List of Art and its practices essays (2013-16)

List of Network essays (2013-16)


Important: please note that the guidelines for these essays may change somewhat from year to year, even if the overall essay title remains the same. Therefore an essay from a previous year should not be treated as an exact model for your own assignment.


Finding essays

The number of essays in the library is small, so it is usually easiest to follow the links at the top of this page, and then browse.

Essays can also be found through Summon, where they are categorised as SIA Essay.

To find out how to search for a specific essay, watch this video:



Requesting essays

You can request 4 essays from store at any one time.  We collect essays Monday-Friday, at these times:

  • 9.30am
  • 11.30am
  • 3pm
  • 4.30pm


You can request an essay in one of these ways: 

  • fill out a form in the library
  • email
  • call us on 44 (0) 207 462 3240


Please give us this information when requesting an essay:

  • authors' name
  • first few words of title
  • essay number (e.g. AIP #20 or NETWORK #25)  


Please remember these rules for reading essays:

  • they may only be read in the library
  • please sign the coversheet each time you read an essay
  • only the bibliography may be copied, scanned or photographed, although you can copy quotations by hand from the essay itself.