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Summon: resources not included in Summon: Overview and databases

Resources which Summon does not search, or does not search well

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Yinka Shonibare "Nelson's Ship in a Bottle"
Yinka Shonibare, Nelson's Ship in a Bottle (2010). © cropped version of image by Simon Wicks on Flickr.
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Summon is usually the best place to begin looking for resources, but it does not contain everything. Some resources are not searched by Summon at all, while with others the coverage is patchy. This guide lists databases, journals, e-books and other resources best searched separately.

Even more material is listed in our free resources guide.

For many topics, Summon will find you sufficient material. Depending on how thorough you want to be, and how easy it is to find resources on your topic, you may want to spend a little or even a lot of time looking at these other resources.



The following databases are only partially searched by Summon:


The following databases are not searched at all by Summon:


There are many more free online resources, far too many to list here.  Looking at the library guide for the appropriate course or topic will point you to some of the best of these.