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Finding and Using Images

SIA New York Library Guide
This guide discusses how to find and use images in your scholarly work.

Whether it is an image of an artwork or a chart, images can be used to support, clarify or illustrate a scholarly argument in a research paper or thesis. Sometimes they are used as a comparison, or as the focus of a critique.

As an someone working within the art world, you may find yourself using images to support your research. In many cases having images readily available alongside your text can increase the useful value of a thesis to other researchers and your readership.

This guide will show you where to look for images online and in print, explain copyright related to images, and offer guidance on citations. 

Find Images in Databases

These tabs include lists of image databases that may be related to your research at Sotheby’s Institute of Art and that keep with high standards of academic and visual content.

Subscription Databases

Available to SIA MA students, staff and faculty. Conditions for use vary among the databases, and should be checked.


View a full list of image databases here:

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