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Copac, SUNCAT and WorldCat: SUNCAT: for journals

Comprehensive guide to using Copac, SUNCAT, WorldCat and similar tools.



SUNCAT searches for journals in British academic libraries, plus Trinity College Dublin. It is often an easier place to start than Copac. Unlike Copac, it offers some links to free online journals and articles; however it cannot be used to search for specific articles.

If searching by title does not find the journal you need, you can search by ISSN. You can find the ISSN in Ulrich's Periodicals Directory, or many free online sites.


Journals in Copac

Journals in hard copy are also included in Copac, but very few online journals or individual journal articles. Copac will tell you which libraries have the journal, but not whether those libraries have the issue you need. Copac’s journal records can, confusingly, look like they’re giving you that information – but they’re usually not.


SUNCAT vs Copac

Important libraries included in SUNCAT but not Copac:

  • British Film Institute
  • Goldsmiths, University of London
  • Iniva
  • University of the Arts London
  • Wallace Collection


Important libraries included in Copac but not SUNCAT:

  • Guildhall Library
  • Institute of Ismaili Studies
  • National Portrait Gallery
  • Royal Academy   


Important libraries included in neither SUNCAT nor Copac (with links to catalogues):


For more info about finding journals and journal articles both in hard copy and online, including a instructions for searching for journals in the British Library, see the guide to finding articles from citations.


How to use SUNCAT

Let's imagine you need a particular issue of Yishu. The SIA library does not have every issue, so you search in SUNCAT like this:


In the results list, select the correct journal:


Once you've reached the screen for the right journal, it's necessary to scroll down a long way to see the information about different libraries, which looks like this:



Please note that the online journals shown here will rarely be accessible. SUNCAT also does not tell you which of these libraries you can access: check the SIA other libraries in London guide for this.