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Journals and magazines: Google Scholar

How to find journals and magazines, and the articles within them, both online and in hard copy.



Google Scholar is alternative to Summon for finding scholarly material from many sources at once. It includes scholarly material not indexed by the main Google search engine, such a selection of content from university repositories. Also unlike the main Google search, Scholar does not personalise results.

There are two ways of ensuring Scholar links to SIA databases:

  • follow a link such as the above from the library website or guides, or:

  • on the Scholar homepage, choose Settings from the top menu, and then Library links from the menu on the left. Enter Sotheby's in the search box that appears, and you should be given the option to tick and then save Sotheby's Institue of Art - New York/UK. Your choice should be saved until you clear your cookies.


If an article or other document is available via SIA's subscriptions, you will see a link "online @ SIA" on the right of the Google results screen: