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Summon: not enough results?: Overview

What to do when Summon does not offer you enough results

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Sometimes Summon will not return enough relevant results for you.  Do not worry!  There are many things you can do, and this guide explains them.

The first thing to do is to log in to Summon. This way you will see more results than if you used Summon without logging in. Please note: even if you have logged in to another SIA service, such as Canvas or a library database, you need to log in to Summon separately. The exception is if you are using one of the Institute's own desktop machines, in which case there is no need to log in.

After running a search, you will see this message appear above the search box on the results page (except if using a desktop machine in the Institute):


Summon log in message


Click on the message to log in. This will increase the number of results Summon shows you. 


Next, the quickest and easiest method to improve your search results is often to look again at your search words and how you are using them. See the next tab of this guide for tips on this.