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Writing about art - and business: Online tools for assignments

Resources and techniques for improving your writing and study skills


Creating and editing images

Easy-to-use software for 3D modelling. Free, with a premium version also available. Previously known as Google SketchUp, as owned by Google from 2006 to 2012.


Data visualisation and analysis

Create family tree-like structures. Could be used to visualisethe relationships between artists, or between galleries, over time.



Transcription of interviews is required for some MA programmes; please check you understand the requirements for your programme. See our guidance on citing interviews and formatting transcriptions.

Transcription is time-consuming, and so it is worth considering some of the free software that's available.  SIA has not tested any thoroughly enough to offer a solid recommendation, but it may be worth trying oTranscribe, which speeds things up by placing your recording and your transcription in the same window. oTranscribe saves your transcription as you go along, but you may wish to save copies regularly outside the software as a back-up.

It is also possible to upload an audio file to YouTube as a private recording, and generate an automatic transcript.  This is only likely to be worthwhile if the recording quality is very good, and even then the transcript will need much editing.