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Newspapers - historic and recent: Art Newspaper

How to access newspapers at SIA, online, and at other libraries



There are several options for accessing the Art Newspaper:

Art & Architecture Source December 2006 onwards. Digitised versions of articles from the paper Newspaper, though some, especially short pieces, may be missing.  Available to SIA staff and students. Includes details, though not text, of many articles from previous years, though coverage is inconsistent. If you discover an article you are interested in this way, cross-check with SIA's collection on paper. 


On paper in the SIA library Issue 1 (1990) onwards. A few issues are missing, so please check the link.


Free website with many of the current stories not included in the paper version. Please note the website limits you to five free stories per month. Also gives access to the recommended weekly podcast, A Week in Art.


Email newsletters several free newsletters, supplementary to the Newspaper itself


A personal subscription may be a worthwhile investment for you, and gives you both a paper copy and a PDF. 


The Art Newspaper hosts many valuable online columns and blogs, such as: