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Finding and Using Images

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Why Should I Cite?

Citations provide information about a resource, which allows researchers to find the original material if they choose to access it. There are many different citation styles which reflect different interests and preferences of disciplines and often publications. If you are unsure which citation style to use, it is best to ask the person you are writing for, such as a professor or journal editor.



  • Provides information for the author to go back and find the sources during the writing process.
  • Keeps a record of all of the information you used or considered.
  • Helps provide context to your argument in a larger discussion.



  • Provides information to the researcher so he/she can better understand the author’s argument and the research.
  • Provides information for the researcher to be able to find other relevant sources by going to the bibliography or references page.

Chicago Manual of Style

For examples of Chicago Manual of Style citations, visit the Chicago Manual of Style Online website, view the Quick Guide or check out the Manual from the library.

Citation Management Tools

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