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Library opening hours

 Mon - Fri:  9am - 7pm.  Sat - Sun: closed 

The library is now closed on Saturdays until 26 January.

Monday to Friday, closing time will be 5pm from Monday 17 December onwards.

The whole Institute will be closed from Saturday 22 December onwards, reopening on Wednesday 2 January.

In January, the library will operate on holiday hours to begin with.  The usual 7pm closing time will recommence on Monday 21 January.

Some of the latest additions to the library

Hacking, Juliet. ‚ÄčPhotography and the art market. AB.MKT.HAC. Now available as an e-book

Dibb, Sally, et al. Marketing concepts and strategies. AB.MAR.DIB

National Gallery. Mantenga & Bellini. FIA6.ITA.B.15C.NAT

Petersen, Anne Ring. Migration into art : transcultural identities and art-making in a globalised world. FIA2.21C.GLO.PET

Sellers, Libby. Women design. DES.C20.GEND

Taylor, Jeffrey. Visual arts management. AB.MANA.TAY

Old masters and mistresses and Western antiquities - two new guides from the library. Including resources for studying both artistic and market value