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Luxury: Other libraries

Resources for the study of lixury, both historically and today




Libraries worldwide

WorldCat will find you books in other libraries worldwide.  Coverage is uneven; e.g. there are some major African cities with no libraries included.

The SIA librarians will help you find books and access libraries anywhere in the world: though please note our knowledge of many countries is limited.


London and the rest of the UK

Library Hub Discover will find you books in other libraries in the UK (plus Dublin).

Library Hub Discover does not tell you which of the libraries it lists you can access, or how to arrange a visit. For this info for London, see:libraries in London. For other cities in the UK, consult the SIA librarians.


Key libraries in London for luxury studies

  • National Art Library at the V&A. Offers access to the database Berg Fashion Library
  • British Library 

and also the following (which are not included in Library Hub Discover):

  • Chelsea Reference Library  public library with good fashion collection
  • Goldsmiths Company Library  for jewellery and silver
  • London College of Fashion - see under University of the Arts London in the guide to libraries