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Looking at SIA dissertations: Home

How to search for and access dissertations in the SIA London library.



SIA London dissertations

We keep the following SIA London dissertations:

  • up to 2007: dissertations awarded pass, merit or distinction
  • 2008 onwards: dissertations awarded merit or distinction


A selection of these are online here:

MAAB Link for 2019-20 studentsLink for 2020-21 students

MACA Link for 2019-20 students.  Link for 2020-21 students  

MAFDAD Link for 2019-20 students.  Link for 2020-21 students 

MAMCAA Link for 2019-20 students.  Link for 2020-21 students


Current students who find a dissertation they would like to read, and which is not available via the above links, can contact to request it is made available online.  Please note that for this we need to prepare a PDF, and need the the author's permission, so the process is not always quick and not always successful.  The following links take you to lists of dissertations kept in the physical library, and potentially available for online access:

Previous MA courses:

  • MACD (MA in Contemporary Design, 2010-2016)
  • MAEAA (MA in East Asian Art, 2002-2016)
  • MAP (MA in Photography, 2007-2016)

SIA New York dissertations 

All New York dissertations from 2011 onwards are available online via ProQuest. This includes dissertations that received pass, merit or distinction. To find out if a dissertation received a distinction, you will need to check if there is a physical copy kept in New York, by searching the book catalogue. (In contrast to London, New York only keeps physical copies of distinction-level dissertations.)

To find out which MA course a dissertation was submitted for, open the Citation/Abstract link in the ProQuest record.

At present only New York dissertations appear on ProQuest.  

Note: New York uses the term "thesis" instead of "dissertation". These are not PhD theses but Master's level dissertations.


SIA Singapore dissertations

We keep a small number of MAAB and MACA dissertations from the SIA Singapore campus from 2008-11.  These will be found by following the appropriate links further up this page.  You can also see the full list here: 

Many were written about topics in Asian art or the Asian art world, so may be relevant to MAMCAA students as well.