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MAAB (MA in Art Business): Books and dissertations

Resources for MAAB (MA in Art Business) students in London




Most e-books will be found with Summon.

However please also see the e-book guide for:

  • more info about the e-book collections available in Summon
  • links to other e-book collections which need to be searched separately from Summon

E-books on specific topics are collected here:



The most relevant sections of the library are:


  • AA business in general

organised by subject:

  • AA.ACC accounting
  • AA.ALT alternative investments
  • AA.BP business plans and business models
  • AA.DIG digital technology in business and the workplace
  • AA.ECO general economics
  • AA.ETH general business ethics
  • AA.LAW general business law
  • AA.LOG logistics
  • AA.LUX luxury 
  • AA.MAN business management and entrepreneurship
  • AA.MAR general marketing
  • AA.RES research techniques for business in general
  • AA.STA working with statistics
  • AA.SUS sustainability; environmental issues facing business in general
  • AA.ZZZ pamphlets and booklets

  • AB  art business

organised by subject:

  • AB.AUC auctions
  • AB.AUT authenticity
  • AB.CON conservation and collection care
  • AB.CUL art world economics
  • AB.ETH art world ethics
  • AB.FAI art fairs
  • AB.FAK fakes and forgeries
  • AB.LAW art law
  • AB.MANA arts management
  • AB.MAR marketing
  • AB.MKT art markets today
  • AB.NET the network; the art world in general
  • AB.POL public policy
  • AB.RES research techniques for art business
  • AB.SUS sustainability; environmental issues facing the art world
  • AB.WW2 World War II and Nazis
  • AB.ZZZ pamphlets and booklets


  • MUSE museums, galleries and curating


  • PAT patronage and collecting 

organised as follows:

  • PAT1 general themes in patronage and collecting
  • PAT2 patronage and collecting in particular time periods, but not limited to a country or continent
  • PAT3-PAT7 patronage and collecting in individual countries, continents or areas. Includes works on art markets before 1945
  • PAT8 individual patrons and art world figures.

There is some overlap between the AB and PAT sections.



A selection of MAAB dissertations are online here:

And dissertations from our New York campus, including many from MAAB, are here:

The following links will take you to lists of relevant dissertations kept in physical form in the London library:

Relevant dissertations may have been completed by students on other courses, so you may wish to search more widely.


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