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Writing - about art, luxury and business: Introduction

Resources and techniques for improving your writing and study skills

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Two introductory books and two articles


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During your studies at the Institute you will be asked to write in an academic style of English, and sometimes in other styles as well.  Academic English is typically formal and logical, using a precise and sophisticated vocabulary.  Somewhat different styles are appropriate for certain assignments, such as exhibition reviews or business plans.

The Institute's Academic Writing Guide is a key resource. You will find the latest version on CanvasIn addition you should always check the instructions for each assignment, as here there may be specific guidance about the style appropriate to this piece of work.

MA students can access  'Building Study Skills,' a guide to time management and note-taking, via the MySIA section of Canvas.  The guide is by SIA's study skills tutor, Dr Olivia Glaze.


Miscellaneous tools for assignments

Easy-to-use software for 3D modelling. Free, with a premium version also available. Previously known as Google SketchUp, as owned by Google from 2006 to 2012. There is an online SketchUp Community for asking questions and sharing ideas.

Create family tree-like structures. Could be used to visualisethe relationships between artists, or between galleries, over time.