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Searching social media and online news: Search tips and search tools

Searching online for breaking news about art and the art world

man using laptop
Source: Thomas Hawk, Flickr (edited). Licence.


You can filter your results in Google to show news items only.  Google also has many advanced search features.  Unfortunately the range of advanced options, what they do, and even how to access them, changes fairly often. 

There are also many alternatives to Google, including specialist search engines for finding specific types of material, such as images, PDFs or biographical information.  

Some search options for different kinds of content:


New tools for searching media appear all the time. Googling  "how to search social media" will find them.  

Sites are starting to appear which provide lists of recommended scholarly blogs. An example is Road, which lists many kinds of free scholarly resources. It includes an option, accessed through advanced search screen, to look for blogs about a particular subject area. This is shown below:


It is possible to search for news in Summon, but it is unlikely to be up-to-date.  It is more useful for researching how past art world events were reported in the media. Run your search as usual, and then filter by CONTENT TYPE - Newspaper article.  For links to online newspapers (both archival and current), see the newspapers guide.