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Databases: Searching tips and tricks

Key databases offered at SIA London


Cropped version of image by ©VIA Agency on Flickr. Licence for this image


Tip #1: Some databases give added functionality if you set up a free, database-specific account within them.  This is in addition to your regular SIA log-in. You must set up this account within a particular database after logging in with your SIA credentials.


Tip #2Summon allows searching across many databases at once.  The databases A-Z tab tells you how fully the key databases are included in Summon.


Tip #3Every database should have an advanced search screen, and a help page.  There is often an option to contact the database owners for further help, but in the first instance it will be best to contact the SIA librarians.


Tip #4The same search techniques that work in Summon will often work in individual databases. For more involved searches, you may therefore want to consult our set of guides to Summon.  See also the video intro to Summon (4 mins).