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Quick Guide to Online Research

This guide is a primer on conducting scholarly research remotely, highlighting the most fundamental, important, and most powerful resources available to Sotheby's Institute of Art, New York MA students, faculty, and staff.

MA Theses and Projects

Since 2016, graduating students have been strongly encouraged to submit their Masters Theses and Projects to the SIA Digital Commons. Many students have agreed to make their work open access, and these projects and theses can be access from anywhere. Others have restricted the use of their work to the SIA community. If you have trouble accessing these, please contact the librarians who can download them and send them to you via email.

Digital Commons & Proquest Quick Guide from Eric Wolf on Vimeo.

Additionally most MA Theses from SIA New York are available via ProQuest Disserations@Sotheby's Institute of Art, going back to 2011. This database requires your SSO for access.

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