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Born Digital Auction Catalogues at SIA

Since the COVID-19 Pandemic began, major auction houses have curtailed the production of most print auction catalogues. They have, however, continued to provide similar catalogues in digital form. We have captured these .pdf files to allow students and researchers access to these vital records of sales, which preserve much important information that cannot be found elsewhere.

This repository is a work in progress. We are beginning with born digital catalogues from Sotheby's and Christie's and expanding to other important auctions houses that are producing these digital catalogues. Catalogues are arranged in reverse chronological order, with most recent catalogues first. Some files are too large to be contained in one .pdf, so they are split into multiple parts. Location, date, and sale number are provided when available.

To access these Catalogues, click here:

You will be prompted for a password. Please ask Librarians for password.

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