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Free resources: Art business and art world

Free online resources about art and the art world.

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photo of contemporary art gallery
Cropped version of photo by @Mark Knol on Flickr. Licence for this image


Key resources

The Art Newspaper is a key source of up-to-date news about the art world. Much content is only available by subscription, but some stories are available on a free website.  From here you can also sign up for an email newsletter.


The Deloitte and ArtTactic Art & Finance Report is an important annual survey, available for free download.


Repositories are often the best starting point for finding free scholarly material.  They are large online collections, created by universities and other institutions, and usually include the most up-to-date research.  Our guide to repositories gives more information, with links to tools for searching many repositories at once.


JURN is another good option for finding free scholarly journal articles.


Other resources, A-Z

Please also check the other tabs of this guide, as there is much subject overlap.


Antiques Trade Gazette
Limited number of articles free online.


Archives Directory for the History of Collecting in America
Database of information about American collectors, dealers, agents and advisors, including details of where hard-copy archives relating to them are preserved.


Art Basel/UBS Art Market Report 2019
Compiled by Clare McAndrew. Free registration required to download. Earlier reports, from 2017 and 2018, are available via the same link.


Art Law Blog and Art Law Report and Institute of Art and Law Blog
Three blogs of news and commentary on legal issues in the art world.


Art Market Monitor
Another good source of current news about the art market.


Art Market Trends (Artprice report)
Another free annual report, worth reading.


Important art market database, although only limited features available without a subscription. (Current SIA students and staff have access to more features, and should log in via the price databases guide).


Online news, much from a market or gallery perspective.


Arts Management Resources (501 Commons)
Links to resources about arts management, with a United States emphasis.


ArtQuest: Artlaw
UK art law resource, including a blog, FAQs, multimedia and an enquiry service.


ArtTactic podcasts
Podcasts about the art market, collecting, art as in investment, and related issues.


Asian Art Newspaper
Only limited selection of articles free online, but still a good source of information about both historic and contemporary Asian art.


Association for Research into Crimes against Art
"A research and outreach organisation which works to promote the study and research of art crime and cultural heritage protection."


Authentication in Art: Art Market News
News reports relevant to authenticity, compiled by the organisation Authentication in Art.


Blouin Art Info 
Current news about the art world. Offers an international version of the site, as well as versions designed for readers in different countries.


Business Dictionary
Online dictionary of business terms. Run your search and then scroll down past the adverts to see your results.


Center for Art Law
Another source of current news about legal issues in the art world.


Organisation representing 5000 art dealers from 22 countries.Site includes much information,. for instance on art fairs, art law, plus a listing of CINOA members.


Culture Hive
"A free resource to help you discover and share best practice in cultural marketing".

Data compiled by the UK government on all kinds of topics. Includes, for instance, material on museums and public engagement with the arts.


Directory of Open Access Journals
Large collection of online articles. Includes many on business and economics, and many on art, though the art business content is more limited.


Scholarly articles about economics, with a reasonable selection of material about art markets.


Doctoral theses (dissertations) from UK universities, and other degree-awarding institutions in the UK. When searching, check the box Limit search to items available for immediate download... for material you can read on your laptop or other device.


Getty Provenance Index Databases
Incorporates four databases for provenance research.


Global Electronic Theses and Dissertations Search
A search engine for finding free online versions of theses and dissertations. PQDT Open is a smaller collection, with no content not found in Global ETD, but may be easier to search for some topics.


Google Scholar
Google's specialist search engine for academic content. material that is free to read online while have a PDF link on the right of the screen. Note: current students and staff at SIA should access Scholar via the library database guide, in order to link through to resources available on subscription.


Hiscox Online Art Trade Report
Annual reports on online art sales.  Note: the same page lists many other reports which unfortunately are not free to download.


International Association of Dealers in Ancient Art
Aims to promote high ethical standards among dealers in ancient art.


Database of fine and decorative art sold at auction.  Only limited features available without a subscription. (All features are available to current SIA students and staff.)


I Photo Central
Provides "thousands of web pages for the photography collector, curator and historian". Includes all issues of the E-Photo Newsletter.


JSTOR is mainly a subscription service, but gives limited free access to the general public. If you find an article you want to read, use the Register & Read service.  You can access 3 articles in each 14-day period. Current SIA students and staff should generally not use the above link, but instead follow the JSTOR link from the library database guide, because that will give access to the SIA subscription. 


Journal TOCs
Sign up for notifications when new articles are published by your favourite journals. Please note: the links to journals and articles in the notification emails will not give you access to the articles (despite what the email says), except in the case of free online journals. Instead, you will need to find a library which offers this journal either on paper or online.


National Bureau of Economic Research
Create your own free account and then use the search function to find articles on art markets.


OAPEN (Open Access Publishing in European Networks)
Scholarly books, including some important titles about art and art markets.


Aims to provide information about "leading contemporary artists, exhibitions and galleries worldwide" for "an influential global audience."


Planet Art
Recommended news app, available for 
iOS and Android.


Provenance Guide (IFAR)
Online guide to provenance in art, including links to further online resources and a bibliography.


Restitution of cultural property after the Holocaust and the Nazi era:
There are several informative websites:


A directory of scholarly resources, free online, with an emphasis on journals. Please note it finds journals, not individual journal articles.


Searching social media and online news
Guide provided by the SIA librarians.


Sotheby's Sold Lot Archive
Search and view lot details and realised prices from past sales at Sotheby's auctions.


Spencer's Art Law Journal


Trafficking Culture
"Researching the global traffic in looted cultural objects"